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Creativity and exclusive projects respecting the particularities of each artist are the key to creating the perfect brand for your band or event. The Management area will take care of branding; business and marketing plan’s development; produce the artists and schedule their agenda in order to put them highlighted in the music scene. We seek to magnify the effects of your brand’s communication, making you perform not only more but also unforgettable events.

Creative / Design

This is where your brand is born! Our awarded designers will produce an unique and amazing publicity material so we can introduce you in all kind of communication channels, from digital pieces for social media and websites to printable pieces for commercial, press and promotional purposes. The design of your social medias, logo and general artworks are part of the exclusive creation process of your brand.

Social Media / Press

The secret of an effective communication is to identify the target public, get to know their preferences and behavior and reach them through their own way. Our Media and Press crew will study and understand your public needs, including channels and specialized media where you can reach them, so we can create a properly and assertive communication to promotional actions and press release.

Events / Festivals

Come see what’s going on! Present in Europe and Brazil, we have been in many events and festivals, so we always work to give to public the feeling of been part of something exclusive. From artists to final production, going through concept, branding, staff and suppliers, we are going to provide everything to make a high standard event.

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We Are

DJ and Electronic Music Producer
SERVICES: Management*, Backstage*, Booking*, Album Production*, Promotion – Barcelona / Spain
2 Reis
Brazilian Popular Music (MPB)
SERVICES: Backstage*, Promotion – São Paulo / Brazil
Brazilian Popular Music (MPB)
SERVICES: Backstage*, Promotion – São Paulo / Brazil
Acoustic Rock / Pop / Folk
SERVICES: Promotion – Barcelona / Spain
Rap / Hip Hop
SERVICES: Managemenent, Production, Social Media, Booking, Promotion – Barcelona / Spain
Rap / Hip Hop
SERVICES: Promotion – Barcelona / Spain

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